Character became leech after learning words with that character


Web 2.0 client

To preface: I don’t think I’ve ever had Skritter use the “LEECH!” flag and show a leech appropriately. There have been plenty of words I’ve failed to learn that it never triggers on, and when it does trigger I usually have no idea why.

In this case I hit a cluster of words in my list ending in 然. After several reviews related to those it popped up 然 by itself as a leech (not remotely true) and now it seems to be back to “just learned the word” levels of making me write 然 by itself. That seems extra odd considering there are even words including 然 it could be making me write where I’d benefit at least from half of it.

If it matters, I was very close to 0 words due at the time.



Just happened again with 来. I think it must be directly related to the “learning” mode, which I discovered earlier (API bug report) counts as getting a character wrong. This bug is probably exacerbated by my clustered list which added these in a row:

  • 带来
  • 来自
  • 本来
  • (未来) already knew
  • (原谅) does not contain 来
  • 原来
  • 后来
  • 越来越
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