Character course now open for limited testing

大家好!Hi everybody!

Our character course has now been opened for limited testing to a selected group of beginner students, who have been contacted directly via email. If you haven’t been contacted, you’ll have to wait until the course opens up for more users. Stay tuned!

At the moment, 5 out of 17 episodes are available, and we will release at least one new episode per week until we’re completely done.

Please note that the course is designed for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of Chinese characters. If you’ve learnt some characters and know a thing or two already, some things will be easy for you, particularly in the early episodes.

We’re eager to hear what you think about the episodes and what we can do to improve, both regarding the content and the videos themselves. You can leave comments on Vimeo directly (just click on the screen to stop the video and leave a comment), here on the forum by replying to this thread, or by email directly to me.

When you leave feedback, please let us know a little bit about your background when it comes to Chinese characters, as someone who is completely new to Chinese might react differently to someone who has studied 100 characters already!

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly or post in this thread. In the meantime, enjoy the course and good luck with your studying!

Best wishes,

Olle Linge


I watched the first five episodes twice today :slight_smile:

Fun to see the idea, outline, draft, script, and videos come to life in the mobile app after all this time. Can’t wait for episode six!

Episode 6 is now available to study in the app. In this lesson, you’ll learn your first “semantic compounds”

Remember, we’re still open for feedback, so feel free to leave any feedback on the forum.


Episode 7 is now out and teaches some basic character composition. Follow the instructions above to join the early access course.


After the holiday break, our Character Course videos are back on their weekly release schedule.

Open the Skritter app to see episode 8 and learn all about shapeshifting characters.

We have added a new section to the list with 37 characters, some new, and some previously learned ones as useful revision.


Episode 9 now available to study. Swipe over to the deck browser tab in the Skritter: Write Chinese app today.

Complex pictographs


Episodes 10 and 11 out now.

Go directly to the lesson on your phone with this link.

10.Phono-semantic compounds
11.More Phono-semantic compounds (website link)

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Episode 12 is now available to study. This one teaches even more phono-semantic compounds including characters based on the components for and .

Click here to jump right into the section of the app.

A new episode of the Skritter Character Course is now ready to watch and study!

Episode 14 teaches the etymology and composition of some of the most commonly used Characters in Mandarin Chinese.

After this episode, you’ll have learned over 150 characters, with the remaining episodes focused on word formation and character variations.

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The penultimate core lesson is ready to watch now.

In episode 15, we take a look at word formation. Study it now: (website) / (App)

Episode 16 teaches basic character variation, including the differences between simplified and traditional Chinese, as well as common font variations you may encounter.

We hope you enjoyed this course. Please leave your questions and comments in this forum category. We plan to do a concluding episode in the future to answer any questions you may have, so feedback or questions are welcome.