Character drill down


Just wondering when we’ll get the ability to drill down into characters back again, or the ability to launch a dictionary that does. Not being able to see radical details makes it hard to understand and learn a lot of kanji


Hmm, the Pleco link should be functional, though drilling down characters in app is planned. Is the Pleco link not working on your end in the detailed info screen?


Pleco’s not much use for Japanese. How about a jisho link?


Ahh, I’m not sure why I thought you were studying Chinese. Pleco wouldn’t be very helpful would it. :smile:

Jisho sounds like it’d be good for iOS, it doesn’t look like they have an Android version though. At any rate, we can make sure to include dictionaries that support this even if they’re different on iOS and Android!


Can’t we launch a jisho URL in a browser?


Oh Yeah. :upside_down_face:

That sounds like the solution until they would develop an Android app.


Personally I’m happy with drill downs being via jisho. Would avoid the need for you guys to maintain data and functionality that’s being maintained elsewhere. You’ve got more than enough on your plate with the functionality that’s specific to skritter. The more you can branch out to other systems where it’s practical the better your chances of getting on top of your other priorities.

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