Character errors in words prompt individual character practice?

I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems lately that in the beta app, when I get a character within a word wrong, that character seems to show up later in the same review session for individual practice.

I’m very curious, is this the case?

I don’t remember this happening in legacy Skritter, as it seems now I am getting many more individual characters from the words I’m studying showing up than used to be the case with legacy.

Legacy just repeated the word itself for more review if I got part of it wrong. It seems now that beta is also singling out the mistaken character and offering it up for extra review.

If this is the case and not my imagination, it’s an excellent improvement.

Are you using word level grading and character level grading separately? For instance, if you get a character in a multi character word wrong, it’ll automatically mark the word as wrong too, unless you override the word level grading up top.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean here. How do you separate them?

As for overriding grading, I sometimes do mark things (words/characters) wrong if I only got them right because I had to peek at my character mnemonic. I personally count that as not knowing the character.