Character info screen

The beta is looking better and better with every release. Thank you for making such fast updates, especially reintroducing Pleco.

On the character/word info screen…

  • can you display the alternative character in parentheses next to the character?
    铁 (鐵) or 鐵 (铁)
    认为 (認為) or 認為 (认为)
    it’s helpful for learning both to be able to see the alternative without needing to switch to Pleco

  • can you move the Pleco button to the top? i use that feature so often that scrolling to get to the button feels unnecessary

  • is there any way to get Pleco to go directly to the character or word? it seems like when you open Pleco, you get a search and a list and then you have to tap a word in the list - maybe it’s possible to say go to the first item in the search, which is probably going to be right 95% of the time (good enough for me)

Thanks again.


The Pleco button will be at the top of the detailed info screen! It should also be going directly to the word you’ve tapped the Pleco icon from. I’ve made sure it’s working on the latest build, and it looks like it’s taking you right to the entry. Regarding showing the simp/trad version along side the character, I think this is the way that it (should be) working if you have both traditional and simplified characters selected in your study options (which I see you do). I believe it hasn’t been added in just yet.

Fwiw I’d personally prefer if it always showed both, as the current client does. I don’t test myself on simplified but I still want to see it. Worst case I can use Pleco though. :slight_smile:

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