Character style settings in Android app

Hi, I have selected simplified characters on Skritter 2.0 Web, but the Android app will only give me traditional. Doesn’t matter how much I sync or log out and in.

If there’s a direct setting for this in the app, I’m darned if I can find it.

Please let me know. John

If you go into your account’s study settings, you can set whether you want to study traditional, simplified or both. Which Android app are you using? (The beta or the non beta)? I can help with specific instructions.

Hi, Jeremy,

Ah, now that’s a good question. I admit I’m only just returning to Skritter now after a six (!) year break, so I don’t know my alpha from my beta. It’s just the standard app from Google Play. After I wrote my question I “unearthed” my lists under “Filters”, so at least I was able to specify that I now just wanted to study HSK. (Sorry, but when I wrote my post, “Filters” was the only place I hadn’t looked for my lists, as I was looking for them under… well… “Lists”…

I assume the character style setting has now synced from the desktop app, which is of course an ok way to do it. I just spent a bit too long looking for it in the Android app. I apologize if this thread doesn’t contribute much, but I still can’t find that setting, though… :wink:


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Oh! Welcome back! :smiley:

I highly recommend upgrading to the beta version of the Android app! You can upgrade by visiting the Play Store page for Skritter (from your Android device), and then by scrolling down until you see the beta participation area, and then by tapping the “I’m in” button.

Once the beta is installed, you can tap the Quick Settings gear icon (from the study screen), and then specify which character styles you want to study by using the “Filter Styles” area.

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