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Hi all,

I’ve just finished one word list in Skritter, The HSK3 by Liping Jiang, that’s around 300 words. Now I look at my stats and see it says 691 characters and 221 words learned. The word total looks about right, if I would guess. But the character total seems to be counted twice, it should be 300, or 320 maybe.

Is it a bug or should I drink less?


Drink more, put away your android (s-pens be damned), and make sure you’re using the several year old production version of the iPhone app, or website, and don’t pay so close attention to numbers, afterall, they’re just numbers.

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Congrats on finishing the list!

If you just finished the list it’s possible some of the newer words studied have not been marked as officially learned yet. The system marks things as learned when you get it correct a few times over a few days and things you get wrong can become unlearned. That list contains 317 words and many of those words contain unique characters. Learning 周末 would count as two characters and if also factor in that 站 could technically be a word or a character it gets tricky to quantify. It does appear to be a bit high, but perhaps not unreasonably so.


Okay, thanks! I’ll just keep on studying and drinking.

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I’ve done some of my best studying while drinking :sweat_smile:

Nothing like a strong Belgian beer to boost Chinese reading confidence!


Belgian beer is optimized for studying French and Dutch. Fortunately, there are alternatives:

(Pictured: 夢的河流)

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