Characters can be seen in the definition before I write them

Hey guys!

I changed the definitions of each word to be shown in Japanese instead of English and I find it helps quite a lot.

The main problem I’m having is that sometimes (if not most of the time) the kanji I have to write appears in its very definition.

Could we either hide the character, just like with the sample sentences, until it has been written or at least disable all definitions that show the character you have to write?

If I’m not being too clear, I’ll try uploading a picture later.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: alternatively, you could just make it so that if the character in the definition is the same as the character asked, it appears in hiragana until you finished writing.

Hey gcalde!

This is a problem with a lot of J-J definitions. I think a good solution in the meantime would be to edit the definition, changing the word which contains the kanji so that it’s all hiragana, and then submit that as a correction.

Cool. I will!

Isn’t there a (simple) way of automating this process?

Unfortunately not, a computer isn’t as good at these things as an actual human since you would have to convert the entire word which contains a kanji being prompted over to all kana, opposed to just the kanji itself from the prompt being changed in the definition (which would still be tricky to get correct, and break the flow of the word), the chance for error is high if it was automated. If you’d like, you could shoot me an email at and we can talk about balling for J-J definitions!

I gave up pretty quickly. I saw the kanji were in the definition all over the place… even if the word itself wasn’t, they seemed to use the same kanji in other words. I guess you can turn on hidden definitions or something in the settings and then you only see the reading?