Characters in side info panel take a long time to load

When I want to see what individual characters of a compound word mean I hit the “I icon” it takes roughly 30-seconds->1 minute for the Characters to load with each definition in the bottom of the panel.

As a comparison point, I’m on a rather poor internet connection today (US-based) and it takes typically a second or two at most to load the detailed character info in the “i” panel. I have seen it take up to ten seconds a very few times in earlier versions of the beta, but it’s been pretty quick for the past couple weeks.

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It seems depend on what deck/list, for me the integrated Chinese level 1 part 1 3rd edition takes 30 seconds but the new practical Chinese reader list only takes 2 seconds.

Doesn’t matter if character has been learned or viewed before.

Thanks for the reports! Would you be able to verify which version of the beta this is happening on?

Actually its loading much faster now on 3.2.2, not sure what version it was slow on

Actually it just took 2 minutes 10 seconds to load the characters 中文 and 但是 into the “info panel” from Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 Third Ed. Lesson 6 Dialog 2 List. On 3.2.2, restarted app and it was faster

I am on 3.3.3 (in Germany) and characters still need 2-5s to load, although sentences appear to load faster!
Are there any statistics on response time in the app?