Characters learned in app don't show up in website statistics

My son is using the Skritter iOS app to practice Chinese characters. As he’s taking part in an award program where he needs to show his activity level in studying, he wants to use the statistics on the website to prove his activity. Unfortunately, all the studying activitiy in the app does not show up in the website statistics – even after a week of studying. Is there anything that can be done?

The website and mobile app use the same underlying data for their statistics, but do have some different definitions and interpretations.

Learned in the mobile app is more akin to “added to the study queue” whereas on the website, learned means that a card has been reviewed correctly enough times so that the next due date for that card is more than a day away. Additionally, the website generally only calculates these numbers based on writing cards.

The distinction of characters vs words learned is also different. In the mobile app, character counts are derived from the words a user has learned. If a user has learned the words 好 and 好好, their word count will be 2, and their characters learned will be at 1 (interpreted as “2 words learned that are comprised of 1 unique character”). Whereas on the website, both their character and word counts would be 1 (interpreted as “1 single-character vocabulary [char] learned and 1 multi-character vocabulary [word] learned”).

Additionally, the website doesn’t display time spent in learn or test activities since those are mobile-only features at the moment.

Email us at and we can look into providing you with the data you need to prove study time.