Characters/Words not Learned

Is there a way to see a list of all the characters and words that:

  • have been added, and
  • have not been banned, and
  • are not considered Learned
    for any of the card types?

Currently not automatically, however you could go into a deck and check on the status of words based on their progress indicators.

Thank you. Where is that exactly, though?
If I go into a deck (a list I presume) I don’t see progress indicators next to words.

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Second that - progress indicators beside list words very useful in legacy app, hope to see this in new app.

On the new app when in a deck section, there will be a teal circle on any words that have already been added-- any banned words will show a banned icon (a red circle with a line through it) on the right hand side of the word, and it’ll not show a teal indicator. Anything that doesn’t have a teal circle or a banned icon is something that is not considered learned yet and hasn’t been added!

Hi Jeremy,

I was asking for the website, and non-beta android app would also work for me. Beta: not so much.
Also for the new app:
Banned sign = banned, clear
Teal circle = added, clear
No circle = not learned and not added
Question would still be: how about added but not Learned

I see a fairly large discrepancy between characters added (through export) and characters learned (as displayed on website and app stats pages). I am very curious to know which characters are thus deemed forgotten.

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Ah I see what you mean. There’s not an automatic way to do this currently, but you could look up the word on the legacy website (or click through in the list itself) to pull up the detailed info which has an area for stats showing the learned value.

Moving forward we’re thinking of additional study modes-- for instance a mode to just review items that have been marked as incorrect recently

Alright, thank you.
(personally not thrilled about the new mode, but maybe others are)

Progress stats are very much in need of an overhaul, which we’ll be working on using the v3 API and in conjunction with some planned app updates (currently slotted for 3.6.0).

At that point, better identifying forgotten characters, and providing deeper insights into where you’re struggling should be a lot easier. Currently, fetching this data in any meaningful way (at scale for everyone on Skritter) isn’t possible, since many of the details are on the decklist level, and not tracked globally on the account level.

Unfortunately, things like “added but not learned” are a bit ambiguous at the moment. Things can become unlearned, banned, deleted from decks over time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that global stats numbers have updated when that happens. We hope to clean this up a lot with the v3 API updates.

The new modes/updates will help identify pain points a lot more quickly than running through extensive tests over and over or reviewing everything due for the day in addition to the things you’re getting wrong repeatedly.

Crunching the numbers and doing analysis of weak points isn’t all that fun, so we’d rather just give everyone focused drills to do when it feels necessary, and help boost long-term retention as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

Two big things we’d like to add and improve upon soon are:

  1. Ability to test newly learned items for a given day (globally)
  2. Ability to drill into incorrect cards directly after a test/review session, and also see what errors you’ve made in more detail

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