Chinese Fantasy Books

Appreciate all previous help as I have been learning Chinese the last 3 years with the help of Skritter. Now at 10k words - should get to 20k by year end.

Saw this awesome reading strategy that uses Z-Library to essentially get you any book in Chinese in ebook format. Whether it is an english work translated in Chinese or a Chinese work. I essentially then take the ebook file and convert it into a text file and then import the text file into chinese text analyzer and it will tell me exactly how many new words a given book will add to my new words list.

If interested I can post more instructions. But essentially, I will be able to get Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and all the english classics translated in Chinese essentially instantaneously with a click of a few buttons. I can boost my vocab to a very high level just using them.

But I like books like the ones below to really begin my reading journey the modern young adult versions of Journey to the West and Three Kingdoms, respectively.

After this I want to stick with the best of the best Chinese stuff and “grade it” myself. Its super easy. You just take the full book stick it chinese text analyzer and the books with more unique words I don’t yet know, are “harder.”

But I want a definitive list from Wuxia novels and straight fantasy (can flex with fantasy, as I would consider the classics above to be fantasyish)

In English the definitive list would be something like:

  1. lord of the rings 2) harry potter 3) chronicles of narnia , etc

I can do all the magic above, but can’t for the life of me find a few decent must read Chinese book lists from the fantasy/wuxia genre. A good mix of young adult and more advanced books would be fine so long as they are what most chinese people have on their reading list.

I may make my main strategy with just movies and just scraping unique words from netflix scripts instead of books.

Have any of you made wuxia/fantasy lists for yourselves or read any that are must read stuff? Any links to lists that actually name the books using the chinese?



Awesome work! We are so happy that Skritter has helped you with your studies for the past 3 years. Olle has a great article on his blog Hacking Chinese about learning Chinese through wuxia. You can read it here.

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