Chinese in Steps (student book 2)


Does anybody have a vocabulary list for Chinese in Steps (student book 2)? I have finished the vocab in book 1 and need to move on to book 2 as I am in the middle of a 4 week intensive course at the Confucius Institute in Manchester, UK.

Alternatively it would be great if Skritter could add this book as it seems to be the primary text book used by the Confucius Institutes in the UK.

Any advice welcome.


Hi Roy,

Great idea posting on the forum for this. Not sure if someone has created a custom list that they might wanna share, but you’re also welcome to create your own version on the list on the site.

I don’t have the textbook in front of me, but is this it by chance?

If not, I’d highly recommend creating individual lists for each chapter as you’re studying through the books. This will allow you the most control over studying chapters as you need them, while also keeping reviews in the queue.

We’d love to be able to upload textbooks upon request, but it is a pretty time intensive task and resources are limited. That said, we do reward users for taking the time to upload textbook lists, as we understand it takes some time! If you do take the time to create a vocabulary list for the textbook that includes each chapter as new sections please do let us know when it is done. We credit two-months of free study time after we check it over and flag it as a textbook in our database.

Feel free to email if you need more details and good luck with your program!


Hi Jake

Thanks for the fast response that is very helpful. I logged out of the iPad and I was instantly able to start adding to the list I began to create. I then checked the link you shared and indeed that is the book I was looking for. I have no idea why I couldn’t find it when I searched for it. Anyway, I amy continue to build the list I had been working on just because it’s almost done.

I very much enjoy and appreciate Skritter its a really useful tool and I have been recommending it widely. I am also looking forward to the launch of the new version.

All the best.



I found the list by searching published lists, not official ones. I have no idea if the list is any good and I’m glad you’re making your own. I think there is good value in making custom lists on Skritter. It is something I remember doing a lot of during school, and I found the process very helpful.

Thanks for the kind words! We’ll keep working hard on cleaning up the beta and getting it ready for release.

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