Chinese listening challenge, January 10th to 31st

As some of you may know, I’m running monthly challenges over at Hacking Chinese. The idea is that by focusing on one specific skill for a limited amount of time, typically three weeks, you’ll get more studying done than you otherwise would. If there’s one area where students need to focus more (this goes for almost all students I’ve taught over the years), it’s listening. And the focus of this month’s challenge is… listening!

The challenges are very simple, but provide extra motivation and a framework to record progress. You sign up (free, of course), set a goal for the challenge and then track progress over the three weeks of the challenge. A simple graph shows you how you’re doing and if you’re on track to meet your goal. You can also leave comments about what you’re listening to and see what other people are doing. The challenges are for all levels, including beginners. Actually, you can join as a student of Japanese too, although I can’t recommend much to listen to in that case.

For more about the challenge, what to listen to and how to do it:

For signing up directly without all the fancy extra information:

My goal is to finish an audio version of 刘慈欣’s 三体II:黑暗森林, which is about 25 hours, or roughly one hour per day during the challenge. What would you like to listen to?

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