Chinese New Year New Video

Happy New Year. We’ve made a special video all about how to write chūnlián 春联 (春聯).




Here’s the ultimate 春聯 for science nerds:

Source: 理工式新年!「元素春聯」太狂 神人一看秒解答

The ultimate challenge is to read that without looking anything up, but otherwise the solution is in the article, I quote:


For beginners and intermediate learners out there, don’t bother. :slight_smile: They take a character with a certain sound, like 迎 (yíng), then map it to the pronunciation of an element, like 銀 (yín), which has the same or similar pronunciation, then write the chemical symbol for that element, like Ag for 銀 (silver). To solve this without help, you need:

  1. Thorough knowledge of elements in Chinese
  2. Be able to map the chemical symbols to these Chinese characters
  3. Know about various auspicious phrases suitable for 春聯
  4. Link them all together, including some fuzzy Pinyin (like yíng instead of yín above)