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Hey guys,

Is there any Chinese podcast which you can recommend for intermediate users? Ideally it should be accessible through Apple podcast. I am looking for a podcast where people just talk in Chinese about random topics where they don’t necessarily just read from a script. By that I hope to learn more 口语, just the way Chinese people typically talk.

So in a nutshell, I’m not looking for the typical podcast which try to teach non native Chinese speakers about grammar and so on. Rather just want to listen to “normal” Chinese dialogues. Hope you got what I tried to explain. Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been listening to Learning Chinese Through Stories (听故事学中文) lately, they’ve got graded content bands and are almost exclusively all in Chinese.


Thumbs up for 听故事,学中文。

Others in my library are:

Bear Talk (usually monolog; he reviews books he’s read, muses on his life, both personal and professional as a UX designer, and more recently has been doing some English content and interviews in both English and Mandarin. ) He is a slow talker, which is a big help for me. This is more lesson focused and script based. Apple podcast available.

Popup Chinese hasn’t produced new content in years, but I think you can still get the old stuff in Apple Podcast. Fantastic voice acting and lots of 口语。 It is scripted, and the format is lesson oriented, but I would still recommend this for listening practice. Superficially improbable and impractical dialogs turn out to be strangely memorable.

青春爱消遣 is all in Mandarin. It’s dialog, but I usually have no idea what they are saying. Try this for a challenge. They are Taiwan based.


Thank you @podster you made my day, 青春爱消遣 is really fun to listen to.

I can also recommend 消灭无聊, maybe a challenge but certainly interesting topics. (they call this even spirituality :upside_down_face:)

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Thanks, I subscribed. My first subscription in the spirituality category. There was a guy who once lived around here who advertised for a course in levitation, but it never got off the ground.