I just discovered the integration of chinesepod into Skritter.
I tried it before and didnt’ understand it that time.

In fact it is a very cool feature, that leverages the strength of both products.

I would like to recommended it to every chinesepod user.

There are two ways of integration. You can copy the content of lectures to your existing vocabulary structure (advanced list) or you can directly add it as a simple list.
At the moment i am not sure, what is the better way. The latter is more comfortable, but will eventually result in dzoens to hundreds of lists just for chinesepod. I am not sure if this will be a problems for a) management of lists b) software problems with skritter (either classic or the new HTML5).

Maybe somebody could comment on that?

It’s probably much easier to just add the lists directly, without having to copy and paste the contents-- however this is completely your choice! If you find it’s too unmanageable or annoying to have too many individual lists, I would go with compiling a large one by copy paste.

One thing though is that if you keep the lists separate, you would be able to single study a list at a time pulling just those list’s words for review as well, versus if you compiled a large list where single studying that would show any items due for review from the entire large list.

Doesnt work for me: load and reload in continue. Im using my ipad air 2.
I guess from the ios app i can do same right?

And i ve got all the course but so hard to find it. Could be nice if it could be ordered by level or whatever.

Moreover from chinesepod there is also a skritter feature… but’to be honest… so hugly compared to the skritter’2.0.
Is it possible to import my vocabulary list to skritter? As i do for anki?

And i have one list imported from chinesepod with the status “finished”. How to reset to 0%?

You can study ChinesePod lists on the iOS app, sure! You can go into the Lists area, and then the ChinesePod area. What sort of problem are you running into when trying to add a ChinesePod list?

You can import vocabulary into Skritter. On legacy (, you can paste up to 200 words at a time into a list section. As long as each word is separated line-by-line, you can copy and paste them all at once to import them into the list section.

If the list you’ve added from ChinesePod says “finished”, it would mean all of the words have completed adding. In this case there’s no way to reset the list to 0% since the words are already added in the system-- however if any words had been skipped over (from a study prompt type having been disabled in the past for instance), you could reset the list to add back from the beginning, which will add any parts that had been skipped over. To do this, go into the list’s page (by clicking it’s name), and then “Change study settings”. Then you would want to make sure it’s set to “Adding”, and that the list section is the very first section. (Then make sure to press Save to confirm the change).

Hi Jeremy, I’ve tried this method but I’m having an issue.

In the Android App there is no ChinesePod integration, so I do it through the web version. But when I go to the ChinesePod section, I can’t find the lists I’ve created in ChinesePod. I can only find “uncategorized” and “untagged”. I’ve also tried to put all the vocabulary on “uncategorized” to see if it would be a solution, but the list doesn’t get updated, it’s still with the 2 words it had from the beginning.

Any way to solve this out? Thanks!

Hi Gatete,

I recommend logging out of your CPod account on Skritter and back in-- if that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue please shoot us an email to!