CHN: Removing translation for tone prompts

When Skritter Chinese tests for tones, it displays the character and the English translation of the character.
Is that a sensible choice? In practice I see the English, translate that, and then assign the tone mark. Often without even looking at the character. I feel the user shouldn’t have the English translation available. You won’t have it when reading a text either after all.

An argument to include the English could be that there are cases where the tone is dependent on the meaning (觉; jue2, jiao4). Then again, this may not be an issue if the character has context (觉得, 睡觉)

Any thoughts?

There was a setting to hide translation and/or tones. I think they will add it to the beta later.

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Thanks laughedelic, can you point me further in the right direction? I can’t find the Hide Translation setting.

I know Hide Reading, but that only hides the (tone-stripped) pinyin from character and tone prompts.
IIRC, in the beta/2.0 that setting also removed the English from tone prompts -which is good- but had the side effect that it removed the English even from character prompts -which left you with a blank screen in that case.

I think this might be the option you’re looking for: