Complicated Kanji - Make some optional?

So I’m working on adding all the kanji and compound kanji words from my school’s bespoke Japanese textbook. However, there are many words such as 高速道路 where I only want to be tested on the first kanji, and the remaining can be written in kana which would not be tested. How is this possible with Skritter?

In addition to this textbook, I am using the 300 word kanji book (which has been added on Skritter already), and Heisig. Is there any harm in asking it to add both of these at the same time, or will I be tested on things multiple times?

Finally, I am supposed to learn 10 kanji per day, are there any settings which I should tweak to reach this goal?

Also, I do all my studying on Android devices.

Bump. Have just paid for the full year subscription so would appreciate some help to get things going :slight_smile: .

Hi there Viral!

Though the system really isn’t designed for it, you could technically add 高そくどうろ as a word entry. I think a better tactic would be to add the character 高 by itself to your studies, and then put “高そくどうろ” in the mnemonic area as a personal mnemonic

There’s no harm in adding lists that have duplicate words you’re studying on other lists, the system tracks everything on a word by word basis so you can’t double up.

With the new HTML5 site, you can set goals like how many new items you want to study per day, or how much time you want to spend per day. (The android app will be getting a major update and will look more like

Another method would be to check on the progress of your list by clicking it’s name, and you can see where it’s left off adding.

If you have any more questions be sure to let me know and I’ll do my best to fill you in!