Confusion over reading of 脸书讯息

Deck: Social Media (Taiwan)
The reading of 脸书讯息 is liǎnshūxùnxí, but shouldnt it be liǎnshūxùnxī? xí->xī

I tried looking it up in all skritter linked dictionaries, but no one has the pinyin for the whole word. I learned 讯息 as xùnxī and 息 as xī tho and the dictionaries agree on that with me

Hi, you’re studying a Taiwanese version of the deck, so where it made sense and we were able to, we used Taiwanese Mandarin pronunciation. The official Taiwanese pronunciation for 訊息 is xun4xi2.

In general you can reference the Ministry of Education dictionary to confirm readings, though for technical reasons Skritter generally has to choose between one accepted reading and by default we prefer the mainland standard. The ability to choose between standards is a feature we hope to add in the future.

We also have a China Chinese version of the deck if that’s more your style since some of the words do differ both in usage and relevance. Social Media Terms (China)

thanks for the info. Would it be possible in the future in the app and the future app-based website to also display both readings.

I am trying to learn both mainland and taiwan mandarin, so seeing both is kinda important. otherwise i might not understand 讯息 when i hear it, because i dont know any word xùnxí

FYI the Unihan and CC-CE dictionaries available on Pleco do give Taiwanese pronunciations/audio of words/characters as well as those for mainland.

In the future perhaps, that’s a good use case to keep in mind. But it’s a major overhaul to our system (e.g. if a vocab can have an alternative pronunciations, it could need different audio too, and the different pronunciations could have different meanings in the different language communities, etc.) so unfortunately it’s not going to happen anytime soon with the features we already have planned for.

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