Consolidating lists?

I’ve been studying an older incomplete user-created list for WaniKani (it only got up to level 20 out of 60) and noticed today that there is now a new one that is totally complete, containing the vocab from all 60 levels.

I’d like to switch to the new list but don’t want to lose my progress on the old one (9 levels). How can I make sure I don’t mess that up?

I added the new list and it is showing “0% complete” which seems wrong and makes me nervous about deleting the old one. Do I even need to bother removing the old one? I don’t want it to give me items I already know as if they were new.


Skritter keeps track of everything on a word level basis, so there’s no risk on doubling or tripling up on words in your lists. (The scheduling won’t be affected).

You wouldn’t need to necessarily delete the old list, you could just pause the old list, and start studying the new list.

The progress indicator for lists is something that should be reworked. It currently shows you what position it’s at in adding, and doesn’t consider words past that point if they have been learned yet. In other words, if you create a list with 100 items in it, and the first item is not learned yet, but the rest of the 99 words are, that list would show 0% completion. Once you study the first word, it would immediately jump to 100% completion (skipping past the words that are already learned).

The progress indicator for the new WaniKani list should quickly catch up. You could open up the list and view it’s contents to see what the learned status is of each word as well to double check.

It also wouldn’t hurt to remove the old list, by the way, if you’d rather just delete it. (It won’t affect the progress of the words in the new WaniKani list that are shared).

nevermind, found it. :slight_smile:

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