Controller Support?

Any plans for just basic controller support? Would be a very useful feature for Ipad/Tablets for example. One of the main reasons I use Anki is because of the controller support, if skritter implemented it I could ditch it completely. I love skritter but I don’t always practice just writing and a controller is very convenient. Keep in mind I’m not a developer so I don’t know if this is hard to do or not, but just the most Basic mappings to controller buttons would be great, Good, Again, Hard, Easy.

Sounds like a fun way to Skritter! We don’t have any plans to add controller support.

However, the website does support keyboard shortcuts. Mainly spacebar and enter for revealing/advancing prompts, and then the numbers 1-4 for scoring prompts. There are tons of 3rd party programs that can remap controller keys to different keyboard key input, so that could be a solution for you to try.

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