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After a lesson with my teacher, I like to copy all the new words from our lesson and send it to my teacher in a word document. Right now, when I copy and paste it takes quite a long time to make it look right. This is what it looks like when I start -




balance; balanced; equilibrium





influence; affect; effect

Any ideas on how to do this with minimal work?

来不及 - láibují - not enough time; too late

跑题 - pǎotí - digress from the subject; stray from the point

代替 - dàitì - to replace; to take the place of; to substitute for

定位 - dìngwèi - fixed position; location; orientation

Have tried doing a deck list export of the vocabulary and then grabbing what you need from the CVS file? Might be quicker that way. Or, could you send your teacher a screenshot of the vocabulary you’re working with.

Not sure what you’re using the word document for, but if you’re just showing your teacher what vocabulary you’ve been studying I would think a screenshot would serve the same purpose.

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I should try the export! Thank you

Hope it works a bit better for ya!

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