Coronavirus infects the dictionary

Couple of days ago i’ve added the word 冠状病毒 to my studylist. Today I see the Skritter video about the Coronavirus and noticed the pinyin is spelled “guānzhuàngbìngdú” in the video. But in the Skritter app it’s “guànzhuàngbìngdú”, the first word with the fourth tone.

So what’s up with that?

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It’s supposed to be guān. The character 冠 can be read guān or guàn, but it only means “crown” (from which “corona” is derived) when read with a first tone. I also checked 中国中央电视台 and they read it as first tone as well. That is as standard as you can get, I think. The dictionary entry in 现代汉语规范词典 also says first tone.

Edit: I have updated the entry in Skritter from guàn to guān.

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Thanks Olle!

This is fantastic, correcting Skritter with only basic reading skills :smile:

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Thanks for pointing it out!!!