Correcting added words

Once you have added a new word, or phrase, can you change the reading portion? I didn’t realize that the online app I was using turned le into liao. I would like to change it but it isn’t a changeable option. I have tried deleting the phrase from my word list, but when I re-add it, it remembers all the details from when I first created it.

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No, this is not something you can change on a user level, but if you submit a correction, we will fix it for you (and for anyone else who might add that word or phrase later)!

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As Olle mentioned, we have to make these changes on the admin side. To submit corrections while studying within the app, you can hit the “i” in the top right-hand corner, scroll to the bottom, and tap “submit correction”. Or you can go to the section the word is in, tap the word, scroll to the bottom, and tap “submit correction”. You can also submit a correction by sending an email to Just let us know what the mistake is and the team will get it fixed for you. Thanks!