Creating Custom Decks on Skritter

Hey all,

Gwil made an awesome video about creating custom decks on Skritter and I wanted to share it here with all of you. This video talks about ways to do the following on the Skirtter website:

  • Upload custom deck art
  • Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to lists and list sections
  • Share your creation with the world using smart links

We plan on integrating this stuff into the mobile apps in the future, but we need to tackle some other app changes first. In the meantime, the sky is the limit on what you can create on the Skritter website.

Happy studying!


Thanks for sharing this info! The one thing I was hoping to see but didn’t find in this video was a way to add images to individual words when adding them to a list. I know some of the custom Skritter-made decks have images for certain words and I think this would be a great feature to open up to users to be able to add their own images/video clips. I often play games and copy the new words I’ve learned from the game into decks and if I could pop a screenshot of the situation the word is being used in for context, that would be much more useful than just having the example sentence.

if you add <IMG> to the discription you can add images to a word.

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Proper image upload support is planned for the future along with some other deck creation improvements for mobile.

I’d love to allow for everyone to browse unsplash or some other third-party image network to make the process nice and smooth for all, but we’re leaving that element of the improvements until after we finalize some more general design and layout decisions that we’re currently undertaking.

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