Creating wordlists in an efficient manner


I would like to create a wordlist can contains many words. It seems that Skritter 2.x only allows to add a word at a time (correct me if I’m wrong), while the legacy Skritter allows to add multiple words by copy and paste in a textbox, anyway apparently not many words can be added each time. I tried pasting a very large list and the browser just hangs there. It would be nice to have a function that allows to upload a txt or csv file and create the wordlist automatically.


The Skritter 2.0 web interface lets you add multiple space-separated words to a word list at once.


We agree! :smiley:
In the meantime you can use line separated text on legacy, or space separated words on 2.0 (as @powelliptic mentioned)!


Is there a recommended max number of words that I can bulk add in each section of the wordlist? I read somewhere 200…I once tried to add all the words from a list but they were too many, so I tried up to 200 and it works. I’d add even more if possible because I have a large list.


You’re right on the mark! 200 is the limit for how many words can be added in a single list section

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