Current state of the apps; should I go for an iPad mini, Android, or just stick with my iPhone 5s?

So I’ve got the Skritter app on my iPhone 5s, but being in the 40+ (hours/month) club is putting a huge strain on my hands (especially thumbs). Therefore I’d like to go for something a tad bigger in the hardware department, with a stylus, for comfort and carpel-tunnel prevention.

But I remember that last I tried, the Android app as well as the web version of Skritter is sterile and ugly as sin compared to the masterpiece that’s available on iOS (dark theme, mmmm delicious, no blaring white squares stabbing me in the eyes like a honkey on salts).

Is this still the case? Because if so, there’s no way I’m switching to Android… How’s Skritter Classic function on an iPad mini x?

I’m shallow and all about form over function and simply want the best Skritter UI experience money can buy – nigga please, advise.

If you like iOS, why not get an Apple Pencil and an iPad that works with it? I find practicing with a stylus (using a Surface Pro) much more effective than using a finger (on phone or touchscreen laptop).

Actually I hate iOS; it’s just the iOS Skritter app I’m willing to compromise for.

I already have a Surface Pro 4, but the battery life is only about 4 hours, and it’s rather oversized for the task. I’ll give it a try today though, to see if I can teach myself to tolerate the Skritter web app.

Oh, and I just found out that the $100 Apple Pencil doesn’t even work on the iPad Minis, so FML. Paying for and lugging around a gargantuan Apple tablet who’s sole purpose is Skrittering ain’t part of the plan.

Anyone here used Skritter on a Mini + a standard stylus who can chime in? How’s she work? Any issues with palming the grade or navigation arrows?

Well I tried Skritter web on my Surface and immediately ran into a problem:

The box to write in is about 4" wide on portrait and 5" wide on landscape. How can I make this smaller? I tried making the (Chrome) window smaller, but it changed to some sort of mobile layout and just made the writing box EVEN BIGGER. I can’t write like this.

Did you find a solution to this, or are you some sort of 10’ tall behemoth with baseball mitts for hands, or are you stroking wildly like a mime doing an impression of the Happy Painter, or what?

Skritter 1.0 doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome (Flash demanded for former; no strokes register for latter, even with “?android=true&resolution_width=1024” appended)

Skritter 2.0 doesn’t work in Edge (no strokes register)

I guess I’m too dumb for this, so my current options appear to either be (A) write comically large 5" characters or (B) go back to fingering my iPhone. And now I’m worried about even an iPad Mini being too large; thinking maybe I should get an iPhone 6 Plus and a stylus for my Skrittering needs.

Well I am 6’4" with baseball mitts for hands. I do end up holding the pen pretty far back so I can see around my hand to the info on the right (I’ve already asked about a right handed mode!)

2.0 works for me in Chrome and Firefox.

That’s the problem, I’m too short!

When y’all gonna come out with the Skritter Midget Edition so us 6’2" manlets can finally get some play?

Try buying a capacitive stylus from amazon. They work on every touch screen and are dirt cheap. You won’t be able to draw anything with it because the tip is thick compared to a real stylus, but its good enough for Skritter. The Ipad (2018) + pencil works but is expensive and you have to draw very large, which is not fun.
I also have the Note 8 myself, and while the stylus is great, it’s not really much of an improvement compared to capacitive ones regarding Skritter, except that you can store the Samsung stylus inside the Phone.

TLDR: Buy a cheap stylus for 10$ and try it on your iphone, you most likely will be happy with it.

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