Currently best service for online chinese LESSONS etc?

Besides skrittering, I feel that I need some actual lessons to make progress. I am in the intermediate /advanced lvl, in some regards over hsk6 and in other somewhat below. I have been trying the “studying while enjoying myself” method by watching chinese movies, playing chinese computer games, reading chinese books etc. But sadly, this method does not work very well.

I need structure and a lesson setup to actually learn and remember. I majored in Chinese here in China and for some reason I remember almost everything we learnt in class about 10 years ago, but the stuff I learn now while watching movies etc simply does not stick.

So, what is currently the best online method of learning chinese with a lesson setup at an advanced level?

I’ve tried chinesepod a few times over the years but I always found it very clunky, the excercises pretty ineffective and the community pretty dead. Maybe its better now? Any other advices?


While grazing a variety of YouTube content, one service that stood out for me is Chinese Zero to Hero. Note that I haven’t purchased it, and I’m not at the advanced level, but what impressed me was:

  • Their coverage of the HSK material appears to be exhaustive (they follow the HSK Standard Course textbooks). It’s not an ad-hoc collection of how to say the same basic things over and over.
  • Their videos dispense with English quickly, using no more than is necessary.
  • They recently added a “path to fluency” course for people who are at HSK5/6 and want to go further. and find a tutor that matches your level. Look for a certified teacher, not a community tutor.

Sounds like you may want an online tutor. I use Chinese Language Institute (based in Guilin, China) for weekly lessons. You can find them online. I’m just at a beginner level, but you can structure your course however you want. If you want it to be comprehensive, then you’ll do reading, writing, and conversation. Or, if you feel your speaking skills are lagging behind the rest, you can focus more on conversation–whatever you decide. They certainly can accommodate an advanced level as their teachers are native Chinese speakers, and could help you fill in the gaps in your own knowledge. You can also sign up for a free trial lesson to see if it would meet your needs. They use WeChat or Skype for the lessons.