Custom List with English

So I would like to develop my vocabulary of words used to describe music. I’m not looking to learn musical notation, but general words about qualities of sound, such as, but not limited to: fast, slow, loud, soft, quiet, high, low, short, long, thick, thin, etc. However, when I go to make a list and search words in english, nothing comes up. It appears I can only search in pinyin or with Chinese characters, which makes it impossible since I (obviously) don’t know this vocabulary. Is there a way for me to do this?

There’s no way to search for words in English on Skritter, it would need to be either pinyin or hanzi, that’s correct. You could copy and paste words into a Skritter list though, or it looks like you might be interested in a list like this: This does cover actual music terms though and not quite what you mentioned about the quality of sound (besides treble, bass, etc).

This is great Jeremy, thanks so much!

I actually had another question. Is there a way to search my vocab list by part of speech (e.g. noun, verb, adjective)?

Glad to help! :smile:

Right now there’s no way to search/sort by parts of speech, unfortunately.