Dates: Stats not respecting timezone


Not a deal-breaker, but then again should be an easy fix.

Stats aren’t respecting my timezone (which is set properly in my profile).

I’m on UTC+8 in Singapore, where it’s currently Tuesday 7 August, but desktop stats are showing that the test session I just did (on iOS beta 3.0.18 300067) happened yesterday on Monday 6th.

Incidentally, I find it confusing with this date saying “8/7” because as a Brit to me it’s “7/8”. Perhaps this could also be configured according to locale, or even better have a preferences option.

If it could also include the option for 8月7日 that would be even more educational :wink:


Do you remember what time you did you studying? The official cutoff time for the previous day is 4am of the next day based on your timezone setting. We do this for night owls who do late night studying before bed.


Well it was more than a week ago. Don’t you have logs for this kind of stuff?

It would almost certainly have been before midnight in my timezone. Anyway, it’s clearly wrong.

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