Deck management not finding HSK Standard Course books

I’m using the latest iOS release version from the AppStore (non-Beta) 300340

When I go to Decks and Browse for “HSK” or for “standard” the results don’t show the “HSK Level X Standard Course” lists.

If I go to the website and search for them, I find these books and I can add them on the website and they then subsequently show up in the app.

But why can’t I find them in the app directly?

Edit: this is on iPad Pro, so iPadOS

Our current API call to the server is only returning 200 decks when being searched. I actually discovered this a few days ago when searching for a new deck we added to our Official decklist library.

I’ve opened an issue to boost the number of returned decks, and we should have it fixed up in the next production build. In the meantime, adding it to your study queue on the website should have it appear in your library for study.