Definition reviews without reading


I tried the android beta app and I found it quite irritating that when you do a “definition” review you ONLY get shown the meaning but not the pronunciation.

I like to combine “reading” and “definition” reviews, only marking them as correct if I know both. That’s not possible in the new app (at least not comfortably).

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Hi Tarya! :wave:

Definition and reading cards should be treated separately which will make your studies more efficient! If you remember the reading of a word, but not the definition (or the other way around), one card type will surface more frequently than the other, so you aren’t bogged down with extra information on things you remember well. For instance, if you have a reading card that shows both the reading and definition, and you mark it as incorrect because you don’t know the definition, that makes the system inefficient because it was a reading card (that you remember the reading for), but you still marked it as incorrect. If keeping them seperate, you would end up marking that reading card as correct (since you remember the reading), and mark the definition card for the word as incorrect (since you don’t remember the definition).

This also makes it easier subconsciously to know what type of card you’re on, making it easier to grade yourself. You don’t have to wonder if you should mark it correct or incorrect, if you know it, it’s correct, if you don’t it’s incorrect! You can always view the additional information for the word by tapping the (i) icon in the upper right hand corner of a reading/definition card if you want to see all the information for a word.

Do you only study definition cards, and have reading cards disabled? If so I could see how not having both reading and definition listed on a definition card could get in the way of your study technique (treating it as one card).

With my audio still not working, this is a frustrating problem. Seeing new vocab but forgetting how to say it, even if I remember the definition, doesn’t help me learn it well. Once the audio’s working again, I think this specific problem won’t annoy me so much, as I do understand your logic behind separating definition and pronunciation.

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If you haven’t already and it’s not too much trouble, would you be able to shoot us an email confirming which version of Skritter this is happening on, along with a brief explanation of the audio issue? (It’s much easier to keep track of this in our email system).

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