Delete progress on one list

Is there a way to delete progress on just one list? I don’t want to reset because my main lists have so much progress saved. But I have a separate list (for classical chinese characters) which I need to start adding again as I have largely forgotten.

There’s unfortunately not a built in way to do this yet, however I could help you out with a workaround! If you delete the list, it will remove those words from your study rotation, however if you add the list back it will resume the progress of those words. That also applies if those same words that were deleted are added into a different list.

On the legacy site, if you pull up the detailed info screen for a word, there’s a “Reset stats” button that you can reset the scheduling for the word with. It won’t remove the word and instead treat it like it’s brand new.

As a workaround, you could delete the list (removing the words from your studies), and then use the “Reset stats” button for each of the words you want to restart progress for. At that point you could either recreate the list in small chunks (so all of the words don’t pop up at once), or alternatively ban every word in the list, and unban them in chunks to study them gradually again.

I wish there was an easier method to reset the progress for words in just one list, however this should serve as a workaround (though a bit tedious).

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