Deleting All Words Still Keeps Custom Definitions?

Hi guys,

This is a very important question (…well at least in my book :slight_smile: ). I want to delete all my words and start over. I have given thought to this for a while, so no need to change my mind :slight_smile: My scheduling is all out and I have some words that I won’t see in 10 years!!

However, one thing I want to know is will I still keep my custom definitions. I really really want to keep these definitions!!

Thanks in advance.


When you delete all words…

What is deleted:

  • Your words
  • ALL your progress
  • Your lists on the practice page

What is NOT deleted:

  • Your custom lists
  • Your forum posts
  • Your stars, mnemonics, and custom definitions
  • Your settings

(information from


Thanks Catherine!! As helpful as always :).