Developer Release Notes--June 14th


Hi Skrittizens,

Our “June”-ish release (2.3.10) has quite a few meaningful improvements and fixes despite us sinking quite a lot of development time into getting the new Android (and once Apple approves it [in the next day or two], iOS) beta release out. Here are some of the more noteworthy changes we made:

  • Add auto advance functionality to definition and reading prompts (when enabled in settings of course!)
  • Improve initial queue item fetch order
  • Improve item spacing for related items
  • Improve some teaching mode stroke animations to more closely align with the actual strokes
  • Increase auto add rate for new users and single study of new lists without too many items added
  • Improve item deletion when deleting an owned (non-published) vocab list
  • Fix single list study due count and name display
  • Fix Japanese font display bug
  • Fix display of pinyin transcription for curated HSK 1-3 sentences
  • Fix leech ribbon sometimes appearing on new items

Please let us know what you think of the new tweaks and changes!

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I have been using Skritter to study Japanese. For the last week or two, the Japanese pronunciation cards have begun to have some erratic behavior (I first noticed it while traveling on June 14th). Tapping to reveal the pronunciation seems to skip ahead to the next word instead of showing the pronunciation. This also seems to break the app in some way; if a Kanji (writing) review comes up next, the left is just blank and strokes are not recognized. Reloading the page seems to be the only way around.

Clicking the “Correct / Incorrect Toggle” button works, so for now I have been using that as a workaround. The definition reviews do not seem to have the problem; clicking to advance works as expected.



Would you be able to confirm which version of Skritter this is happening on? (Web / Mobile)? If you’d like, please shoot us an email at so we can better back and forth to figure out what’s going on!

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