Did the iOS beta launch?

I saw the blog post & entered my iTunes email back on the 27th, but never heard anything further - did it launch on testflight yet, or its it still pending with Apple?

It’s not quite ready yet, but will be very soon!

@jbwinston Sorry to make you wait. We released the app yesterday and you should have received a TestFlight email. If not, please let us know and we’ll help you get access. Thanks for being a beta tester!

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hello Jake, I wasnt quite sure whether you want us to discuss here about the first experiences from the testflight beta or only get the reports inside the system.
Myself, I downloaded it yesterday without any problems. I didnt have much time, maybe 20-30 minutes, so I only could do some quick testing.
My first impression: Honestly, for me the app didnt feel any better than the old one. It goes much slower, the characters seems smaller (like actually all items on the screen), the app is way slower, you cannot see whether your offline mode results have actually been saved / synchronized; the initialization of the offline-mode itself doesnt give you any feedback at all how many more minutes you need to wait (in my case was about 5- 6 minutes staring at the static message). The detailed explanation on the characters (lookup) also lost a lot of uf usability because now you need to scroll down a lot to see what is most interesting, that is, due time / % of failure (I also noted that it says Rune instead of Writing which is a word I believe we have never ever used in skritter); the sound of the words comes only at the end (I believe that´s later than in the old app), which is weird because when you are skrittering fast, you are already long time with the next character by then time you hear the sound. Also, you still did not manage to fix the problem which I believe is there since ios 6 or 7 when it doesnt feel smooth when you try to go back and forth between several characters of a word: the arrows for it are still super tiny so in 9 out of 10 attempts skritter thinks you want to move to the next character instead of going back to the previous one. From the “settings menu” when you´re inside the writing mode for example, you have no way to go back into your “open” and covered study window, but you need to start again from the left side navigation bar. Ah, and in pad version there is no horizontal mode.
So far, the only improvements I see, is: you finally brought back the iOS status bar in the top showing with wifi, the time etc. - which was actually there I believe 5 or 6 years ago and suddenly disappeared in one of the updates; and now finally the buttons for “forgotten, so-so” etc. seem to work again (another problem which came only with one of the latest updates). Any other improvement, I will be honest, right now I dont see it.
I am glad to help and I´m sorry if my review is quite negative but this is my first impression after some initial comparison.

Hi, I registered, but didn’t receive an invitation yet.

We’ll be sending out the next round of TestFlight invite codes shortly!

Not sure if I’ve missed the latest round of invites, but I’ve just registered and I can’t wait to be part of this.

The next round of invite codes was just sent out! You should have it in your inbox. :slight_smile:

Thanks, just got the invite for Skritter Chinese. Is Skritter Japanese also available for beta testing?

Of course! This should also be in your inbox by now. If you’re still not seeing it let me know!

Hello, would it be possible to make the upcoming new app compatible with iPhone PLUS screens ?
I don’t think the app is running the correct/native resolution and everything appears bigger on iPhone PLUS screens.

We’ll be getting into more optimizations, absolutely. Would you be able to upload a screenshot of the app on your device so we could take a closer look?

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