Differences between Android and iOS mobile version

Hey guys!

my mum has given me the opportunity to chose between a Samsung (Android) Smart Phone and an iPhone.

I will make my choice dependent on which is better suited for the Skritter app (I won’t use the phone for much else, not even for making calls as I don’t like smart phones).

I know that the iPhone app is kinda older so is it being still worked on? Are there features that I can miss if I chose one version?

Let me know, thanks for your help!

@itaju I’ll try to answer your question to the best of my ability. The development team is working very hard right now to unify Skritter’s clients and bring all of the necessary features to Web/ iOS and Android. Eventually the apps will all be the same and it wont matter what device you’re one (minus differences between mobile and web).

With that being said, most updates we’ll be releasing in the coming months will be coming to Android first and then being pushed to iOS. You might miss things like dynamic-sound downloads and “Teaching Mode” (coming soon) in the short-term by buying an iOS device, but we’ll be adding them into the application as soon as we can.

If you’re only buying a smart phone for Skritter Android will get you the newest features the fastest but over the long-run it will all be the same.

Hope that helps!