Discussing 红甜椒粉 and food

I added 红甜椒粉 accidently with the reading hong1tian1jiao1fen3 instead of hong2tian2jiao1fen3 but now i cannot correct it.

I’ve updated the reading for the entry!

Wow, are you into Chinese cooking?! That’s a pretty specific ingredient.

I’ve made that error and not just a few times too when adding words not yet in Skritter’s database. It’s mortifying to have to tell them I screwed up their database. But it happens.

I use Beta response to let them know. But apparently that contact method gets lost in the system? Can’t be getting too lost, as they’ve fixed every error I’ve made, promptly. (Thanks for that @Jeremy !)

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actually i think that’s a rather european ingredient. I cook quite international food: Japanese, Thai, Italian, German, general european, and also some szechuan. Its more about when i explain chinese people what i cooked i need the words

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Paprika is a pretty common spice in American cooking! It’s also one of the primary ingredients in Cajun spice.

I am sorry for being somewhat eurocentric, but i do consider US American cuisine mostly to be derived of European cuisine haha

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Ha! I didn’t realise that was paprika. My dictionary translated it only partially, as “red” “pimiento” “powder.”

Dictionary says paprika is 紅辣椒粉 . Are they the same?

Actually further checking of dictionary gives two other words for paprika too: 紅菜椒粉 and 紅燈籠椒粉

Which is which?

Paprika’s good on a lot of things.

Since it’s not a Chinese ingredient, do your friends understand what you’re using?

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I used wikipedia to get a translation. Its good in two ways, this way if a chinese person doesnt know and they look for it they will find the wikipedia page. The other is i think 红甜椒粉 is a lot better than the other words you found because it actually explains things. Paprika isnt spicy and 甜 does suggest so.

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In China 红辣椒粉 and 红甜椒粉 are both well known products, also you can easily buy them on Taobao.

thats good to know. Have you considered contributing to the wiki page?

Its good to have alternative names there as well