Do you Du Chinese? Link your account today!

Are you using Du Chinese and Skritter to study Chinese? If so, we’re excited to announce that you can now link your account on Du Chinese with Skritter and words you save will automatically be added to a Du Chinese study deck!

Integration is quick and easy!

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Accept permissions (might have to log in on Skritter website if you haven’t done that yet)
  3. Start saving words!

This integration will not take existing words from Du Chinese and add them to Skritter. You’ll still have to manually export those words. However, once you’ve linked the two accounts all new items will automatically be placed in the Du Chinese study deck. New sections will spawn each month automatically (or when you hit the 200 word limit per section).

Thinking about checking out Du Chinese for the first time? Head over to and use the code SKRITTER10 on checkout to save 10% off your first purchase!

Happy studying!
-Jake and The Skritter Team


Great! This will save a lot of time spent creating lists!

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Question: will there be a new Du Chinese study deck for each year or will there just be one Du study deck that goes on and on?

That could get pretty big.

This is great!

Right now it’ll just spawn new sections each month. Similar to Misc, MDBG, Zhongwen Popup, and other integrated lists. Decks will probably get big, but we’ll make them easier to search in the future. And, since you can still learn and test (and soon review on section levels) it should be pretty easy to manage… we hope!

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