Does Skritter support Apple Family sharing?

Hi! I’m a new Skrittizen and dad of a 5-year old whose Chinese is already much much better than mine. I plan to start my own Skritter journey along side her and learn at my own pace. My wife can read and write fairly well and she’ll do the same.

Me, my wife, and my daughter each have our own Apple IDs. They are all under one Apple Family, and that typically allows apps and subscription purchases to be shared within the family.

Two questions…

  1. My daughter’s Apple ID is a child account and I can’t seem to log her into Skritter on her iPad using her Apple ID. (It works fine for me and my wife.)

  2. Will sharing a yearly subscription work for the three of us under the Apple Family scheme?

Thanks for any advice!

More on sharing Apple app purchases and subscriptions here…

I don’t think the Sign in with Apple option will work with children accounts since they don’t have an email that can be shared which is required for our system to create an account. An account can be created on the website or by using the Sign in with Password option.

Unfortunately our account system doesn’t currently support Apple Family Sharing but if you haven’t already reach out to for some alternative options.

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