Does skritter work in China?

Hey Skritter team!

I’m going to be an exchange student next school year in China and figured that skritter would so help me in my character learning. BUT I have a question! I use mostly my phone (Sony) and an Ipad to practice Mandarin, and I’ve come across a few threads that said they had trouble using skritter in china. However, these posts were published in 2009 or so, and most of the problems occurred on pc/ net browser, not on the app. So if I’m going to subscribe for 2 years, I would appreciate if someone knew if the app works in mainland china or not, so I don’t waste my money.

Not your exact case but it’s worked fine for me on iPhone on China, but I normally only go for short visits. I don’t use the web version much, so not sure about that.

The app does work in China, however there are some unpredictable times where syncing may not be functional. When this happens it usually sorts itself out within a few days. (It’s recommended to run through a VPN, which should eliminate that possibility). If there is any unexpected downtime, we can add the extra subscription time back if you let us know!

There is also a Chinese mirror site at:, though it sounds like you might be planning to use the iOS app solely.