Does using "test" change the due dates of cards in regular review

I want to prioritize reviewing from certain decks, and I’ve used the “save me” feature to clear out my [visible] queue so that it’s not so overwhelming. If I use the test feature on one of my decks, will the words I get right/wrong inside of it change the invisible priority order of the cards in my queue?

I know I probably should have just left all the words in my queue without the “save me” feature and studied from just one deck, but having a stack of a couple thousand cards waiting for me is too overwhelming :sob:

Hi there! Are you using legacy Skritter? I want to make sure I understand everything clearly so that I can best help you. The test feature on the new app is meant for extra practice and does not have anything to do with Due Cards review. So this test feature will not lower your review queue, since it is designed for extra drilling. Could you reach out to us at so that we can get more information and best answer your question? Thanks!