Don't hide Status Bar in iPhone App

Hi there,

it would be great to be able to see the iPhone Status Bar (the bar at the top with the clock, battery percentage etc.) when using the Skritter iPhone app. At the moment Skritter is fullscreen so that the Status Bar is hidden.

That means when I want to know the current time or how much battery I have left, I have to hit the home button and then tap on the Skritter app icon again to resume the app.

I think the fullscreen layout is because older iPhones were too small so vertical space was very precious. But on the current iPhones it would be great to be able to see the Status Bar while using Skritter.

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We have a great chance to reconsider things moving forward with the iOS app (which along with the Android app is being replaced new framework based on 2.0). :slight_smile: