Double entry in dictionary

I’ve added 晚霞 to my list of random words and noticed it appears twice with a different definition when you press all results. Normally you get a message when adding words that are already added, so how did this guy add the same word twice?

Did you edit the definition by chance? There was an update from Japanese that actually causes every word to now have “all results” for things. Here’s what I see when I add the word on my account:

I’m not getting the same results as you. The second and the last word is exactly the same.

And I’m getting a different suggestion at first :face_with_monocle:

Interesting… what input are you using to get these results? I just typed in 晚霞 and hit enter.

I’m doing it like a pro and type wanxia :upside_down_face:

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solved it! The second one uses a variant form of 晚 :slight_smile: Going to hide this thing from being found in future searches to reduce confusion.

Thanks for the report!

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