Drawing slows to unusable


Looks like you’ve got a problem with resources not being released which is resulting in responses to strokes getting slower and slower.

I had a bit of a play yesterday and today and it appears to be when you leave skritter and do other things (Chrome, FB, etc) then come back to it. I did about 70 cards (obviously only some of them writing) without any issue apparent. Once I leave skritter and come back to it there’s a noticeable difference. If I do it a second and third time it becomes as good as unusable. A force stop and restart fixes it.


you can also get the same behavior by switching from study to stats and back to study - there may be more to it than just that (maybe you need to do something else within the stats screen) but it’s a fairly reliable to make character drawing slow to a crawl


I suspect it may even just be going back to the dashboard that does it. I’ve knocked hundreds of cards off my due count over the last few days (they’ll be back) but I’ve done countless app restarts while doing it. I’ve dealt with worse work arounds but it’s far from ideal.


Same thing happens for me on Android. Same solution as well, force stop and reload. Web version is my primary go-to for writing though, so hasn’t been a huge issue for me.


Same here (Android).


We’ll have a new beta out in the near future (with an official post to explain some of the changes more), this is one of the issues we have fixed and significantly improved. Stay tuned!

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