Drawing speed very stuttery

Skritter iOS beta 3.0.8: drawing really stutters. I hard rebooted my iPad after closing all apps, but it’s still very jerky and slow. The strokes are drawn significantly behind the motion of my finger, so much so that I’ve frequently lifted my finger off the drawing surface and watched the stroke draw a few inches more before catching up with me.

I’ve jumped back and forth between the original iOS app, which is as smooth as liquid butter and has a beautiful writing feel to it, and the new app, which was much less fluid feeling and had some noticeable lag in 3.0.5, but is now 10x worse in 3.0.8.

Artistically, The “dry brush” look of the new strokes just doesn’t work for me. I miss the pooling, glossy, chromatic liquid of the old iOS.

I’m having the same issue, the newest update made the writing become extremely laggy. It already wasn’t as responsive as the non-beta Skritter, but now it feels barely usable. For me one of the best things about Skritter is the fact it’s so damn responsive when writing. I seriously hope it will at the very least match the current version by the time this new one is finished.

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I’m going to be looking into the performance issues, it’s probably a regression from 3.0.7 while working on prompt click stability. We plan on allowing the user to select from a few kinds of brushes in the future, which will likely include something similar to the previous iOS style.

@Apomixis @ZanDatsu What kind of iPads are you using? I’m having troubles reproducing on my device.

iPad Air 2 and latest version of iOS.

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First generation iPad Air, (w/1GB cache ), iOS 11.4

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It looks like the bristly brush was causing performance issues and the 3.0.8 update was making it even worse. I have reverted to a more solid ink style brush that should fix the issue. In the future we’ll bring back other brushes that can be selected as an option.


Thank you, 3.0.9 has completely fixed the performance issue! That said, the current non-beta version does feel more responsive. Feels like the auto advance is also slower in the beta compared to that one?

Do you know when the ability to skip (and pass as ‘got it’) the current character will be implemented?


@josh Drawing is substantially improved in 3.0.9. Thank you!

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Based on the amount of feedback some kind of forward/backward navigation solution will likely make it into the build this week.

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