DuChinese and Skritter Integration

I am thinking about signing up for DuChinese to help with my Chinese learning, but I don’t want to have a separate program with flash-cards. Skritter takes care of all of that. Is there any thoughts about possible Skritter Integration. I use Chinesepod and really love the skitter integration with that platform. Integration with other such platforms would even be better.

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There aren’t any plans for integration with DuChinese, however if they have an export feature, you could export the words and copy and paste up to 200 at a time into a list section on the legacy site. If there’s no export feature on DuChinese, you would unfortunately need to create the vocab on Skritter to match manually.


DuChinese allows word lists to be exported in Pleco format, which can easily be added. So integration is not really necessary. It works fine.