Due Cards; How does Skritter handle a card that is in more than one deck?

Apologies if this has been asked before. I searched, but to no avail.

I’ve been trying to cut through a backlog by limiting the cards due to certain decks. This makes my daily reviews a bit more manageable, and gives a sense of progress. For example, there might be a thousand cards due, but at least I cleared the HSK1 deck.

However, I’m wondering how Skritter handles words that are in multiple decks. For example, if I added a word from ‘Homework’ and it is also in ‘HSK4’ it will be marked as ‘learnt’ in both. But if I only select ‘HSK4’ when I’m reviewing cards, will it show up in the review session?

Basically, does the deck you add the card from affect when it turns up in ‘cards due’? Or, do decks act more like tags, where all the words connected to that deck will be up for review when it is selected?

I’m using the latest version of Android Beta 3.4.1

the faq said that skritter filters out doubles, so you only learn them once and then it remembers,

i guess if you learn any deck containing a vocab you will revise it and when you then later do the other you are already good and do not need to do it again as skritter does not treat them as separate

Correct. Once an item is in the review queue you won’t be studying it twice in a session.

If you clear a due item in one deck it’ll be clear in the others as well.

Also, the same applies for learning/adding new things inside of new decks. Stuff you’ve already studying doesn’t need to be relearned.