Due Items different in App


I was wondering why my due items in the app are different from on the web. In my app I have 151 due items across all the decks however when I logged onto the web version it says I only have 41. I then selected individual decks and they all seem to be different from what the app is telling me.


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Hi Shaun,

The mobile app is pulling all the cards that’ll become due during the day once every morning. The website loads them as they become due during the day at the moment since you’re always connected to the servers on the site.

With regards to visual progress on the decks, we’re currently working on a fix for the website that keeps this more visually up-to-date. We hope to have it rolled out soon, but rest assured that you’re progress isn’t lost!



Thanks Jake. Wondered it if was something I was doing wrong :slight_smile:


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